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 Bring your voice contest

This is your opportunity to shine and for your voice to be heard! The TEDxHSG team welcomes you to speak and leave a mark on a crowd at the TEDxHSG 2019 conference on November 16th. This is a chance for you to share your exceptional experiences, ideas, and visions beside a variety of other inspirational speakers from around the world. 

 This year’s theme is about introspection, self-reflection and the interplay of past challenges, present actions and future steps. It builds on the individual and collective actions that are taken in order to advance in life, as well as reflecting on pivotal moments and experiences from the past that have defined who we are today. Such a theme also leaves plenty of room for whatever topic you have in mind. On the TEDx stage you will be able to share your story with an audience of students and non-students alike, but will also have the chance to engage with influential speakers before and after the show. Additionally, your talk will be uploaded onto the TEDx YouTube channel with viewers worldwide. 

The speech itself will be a maximum of 15 minutes long. You may bring any props that you require, including a digital presentation if you wish to use one. Our team will also guide and coach you through the entire process of writing and preparing your speech, so don’t worry about going through this alone! 

The first step is to simply submit a short video under 4 minutes with an introduction to yourself and your idea by the 6th of October. The aim of this video is to give an idea of your potential speech and convince your viewers that you have a passion to share your story and are therefore the best candidate. The choice of the three final candidates will be decided by the TEDx team by the 7th of October and will then be passed on to the public for a vote on their favorite candidate. The announcement of the winner and beginning of training with the TEDx team will take place on the 14th of October. 

 We’d like to challenge every single one of you to make the most of this amazing opportunity, and courageously step into the spotlight. Remember, not everyone can say that they’ve given a TEDx talk in their lifetime.

 We’re looking forward to your submissions!

Your TEDxHSG team <3

Deyshawn Moser: Winner of the 2018 “Bring your Voice” contest
Deyshawn Moser explores the hidden side of success by narrating his personal journey. The swimmer's attempt to qualify for the Olympic Games made him question the societal conception of success and failure. Deyshawn Moser in an Ecological Economist who is interested in factors that promote a sustainable wellbeing economy: linking business sustainability to environmental and human wellbeing.


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