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Bring your voice contest

2019 Finalist


We are very happy to unveil our final speaker, who has won by more than half of the votes: Lukas Steiner!

It is through his unique and inspiring adventure, on a bike from Zürich to Cape Town, that he was able to change his perspectives, overcome tough challenges and discover the many treasures the world had to offer.

We would like to thank the 1000+ people who took the time to vote, but also our 3 finalists for sharing their amazing stories with us.


Cycling from Zürich to Capetown

I am Lukas Steiner, born September 8th 1993 in Zürich, Switzerland. After finishing high-school and my military service as a Grenadier in Isone, I did my Bachelor in Business Administration (2017) at the University of St. Gallen and later on decided to take two gap years between my Bachelor and Master studies. I did two internships during the first year at UBS and BOSCH, and the second year was reserved for my trip. This fall I started my Masters in Management, Organization and Culture (MOK) at HSG again as well as working part time for an M&A advisor in Zurich. My interests cover many areas, I love to go hiking, cycling, fishing as well as having cosy nights reading a book and drinking a glass of wine.



The power of Storytelling

Franzisca is an economics student at the University of St.Gallen with a passion for environmental and human challenges. In 2014, she founded and is since managing the organization “Lotus for Laos”, a social project with the purpose of enabling Laotian orphans to study at a local university. Since one year, she is working for Nemis Technologies AG, a Swiss startup focusing on pathogen detection.


Human Branding

I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration here at the HSG. I am Swiss and Ecuadorian, thus my not-so-bünzli name.

I have a great interest for technology, although I am not particularly talented with its use. That's why I enjoy reading about it and watching movies where it is heavily involved or at least present. In that sense, my favourite genre is Science Fiction. It asks the reader to reflect on the future and our role in or impact on it. It allows us to wonder and to dream about what might be, but also to contemplate where we want to go.